Galaxy Corporation Responds to Rumors of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Joining Their Company

Recently, within the world of KPop there was a stir when it was revealed that the girls of BLACKPINK They did not renew their personal contracts with YG Entertainment, which caused many rumors to arise for each of the members, and one of those was that Jisoo would be planning to sign with Galaxy Corporationfamous agency that has Idols like G-Dragon.

Everything seems to indicate that the members of BLACKPINK have a contract for group activities with their former agency, but they would not have signed anything with them regarding their solo activities, which is why the girls are free to join any other agency for issues. promotional and solitary. Information that helped the media and Internet users to start rumors about the Idol with the agency. G Dragon.

However, although many believed this and others did not, Galaxy Corporation made its presence felt to flatly deny the rumors. The middle iMBC approached the record company to find out a little about the facts, denying any type of relationship with the Idol, in the same way they also clarified that a change of agency is not something that can be done quickly, and that this takes a long and hard time. process.

We have been receiving a lot of calls about the Jisoo issue. But that is not true at all, if something like this really happens, we will let everyone know.

If this were to happen, the girl band member would become the female face of the record label, and one of its most influential artists.

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