BTS’ Jin would be ready to release his first solo album in 2024

Last Thursday, December 28, a renowned South Korean media revealed that Jinthe member of btswould be more than ready to release his first solo album in mid-2024, keeping pace with his peers like Jungkook either Vwho thanks to the temporary group break have been able to carry out their solo projects much faster.

The report was given through Daishin Securitieswho detailed that the artist’s first album from kpop It would occur just when his military service ends.

It should be remembered that Jin was the first member to attend the military army, because as the oldest member of the group he must do so. The entry has been going on for a year now, in the month of December 2022, and it is supposed to end the year. June 12 of the year 2024.

So if the rumors are true, Idol’s first album could be very professional and talented, since the group’s fans, ARMYs, and many international media have heard the vocal power that the artist possesses in previous songs, such as example ‘Epiphany‘ and ‘Tonight‘, although it is still unknown what life theme the Idol could refer to in his new musical project.

It is also worth clarifying that the media not only referred to the 31-year-old member, but also expressed that next year the members of BTS they could release more than three albums among all next year.

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