ITZY’s Lia made a large donation to the fight against cancer in her country

Just a few hours ago, the news was made public that the renowned singer and dancer Liafrom the famous group ITZYhas made a large donation as a sign of the big heart he has and to show his fans that he is always taking care of everyone.

It was learned that the famous singer donated around 30 million won ($23,200 approximately), all of this for the National Cancer Center Foundation for pediatric patients. On December 27, the president of said foundation revealed that Lia donated this amount through her agencyJYP Entertainmentin order to help younger patients who are struggling with this difficult medical condition, and the ITZY member donated her income to this organization.

This donation will be used for the costs of treatments, medicinesand everything you need young pediatric cancer patients, mainly for those with low resources and who have financial problems. Given the artist’s action, her fans have been left speechless with the big heart they have for her, so they congratulate and praise her at the end of the year 2023.

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