GOT7’s Jackson revealed how long he’s known BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and the amount of time is impressive

Two Idols who have recently reunited were jacksonfrom GOT7, and Jisoofrom BLACKPINK, who flaunted their good friendship at a Cartier event, which the two attended thanks to the fact that they are ambassadors.

Although many fans were excited to see the two artists interact, as it was something that had not happened before, the really true thing is that they have known each other for some years. The curious thing is that the fans did not imagine that they have a lifelong friendship. many yearssomething that the artist himself revealed.

Jackson surprised in an interview by admitting that he has known his colleague since he was 16. As expected, KPop followers began to do the math and were able to notice that at that age not even the group BLACKPINK and GOT7 They had debuted, so their first approach was not exactly thanks to music.

In addition, she admitted that having reunited with her friend made her ‘catch up on their personal affairs‘, making being at the event totally comfortable for both of us.

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