Cristian Castro assures that his father Manuel El Loco Valdés was a drug addict – El Sol de México

Since he was born, Cristian Castro has always been in the public eye as he is the son of two great figures of national entertainment: Verónica Castro and the comedian Manuel El Loco Valdés.

In fact, the revelation of the relationship between the actress and El Loco was quite a scandal at the time because the comedian was married and was also more than 20 years older than her.

Added to that was that the green-eyed driver became pregnant and decided to separate from El Loco, also deciding that her son would not have a relationship with him.

This is how the first years of Cristian Castro’s life passed, who was estranged from his father. When the singer turned 30 they were able to get closer, but it was not easy for either of them.

Now, Cristian Castro remembers the past again by expressing himself negatively about his father, El Loco Valdés.

In an interview with the Argentine media In the afternoon, El Gallito Feliz assured that his father was “a drug addict” and unfaithful.

“My father was quite a drug addict… And also very dependent on alcohol,” said the interpreter of You Can’t.

Although he acknowledged that Valdés was always with his wife Arcelia Larrañaga even though he had other relationships and children outside of marriage.

“If I’m honest, even though he was a person with addiction problems, he was always with his wife,” he said.

The tremendous statements of the singer, who will turn 50 in 2024, have caused quite a stir and show that the singer did not forgive his father.

“Unfortunately he made the mistake of having three children on the outside, which does seem excessive to me,” he mentioned.

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