They predict up to 8 contingencies and 5 heat waves this year – El Sol de México

Until eight environmental contingencies and five heat waves They are expected to register between February and June in the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexicoreported capital environmental authorities.

During the press conference Actions for the 2024 Ozone Seasonthe head of the Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis (CAMe), Victor Hugo Paramopointed out that in the ozone season (which is the time when there is no rain and which begins in February and ends in June) they anticipate between three and eight environmental contingencies.

“The times of greatest ozone concentration are between 1:00 p.m. and five in the afternoon, where sensitive people must be more careful (…) In 2024, between three and eight environmental contingencies due to ozone are expected,” he said. Victor Hugo Páramo.

He noted that from 2016 to 2023 they were activated 28 environmental contingencies due to ozoneand pointed out that in the months of April and May is when most pollutant concentration is generated.

The main emitters of this pollutant are vehicles, factories, gas stations, gas leaks in homes and agricultural burning or forest fires.

Alejandra Méndez Girón, General Coordinator of the National Meteorological Service of the National Water Commission (Conagua), reported that this year They predict five heat waves.

In a press conference, the coordinator of the Meteorological Service indicated that the heat waves They will be above one or two degrees in the months of March to June.

“The forecast we have for 2024 is for five heat waves, one at the end of March, two in the month of April, one in May and another in June,” said Alejandra Méndez Girón.

He reported that this year they expect a “normal rainy season” in the months of June, July and August, as they hope that the El Niño phenomenon, which registers temperatures above normal in the Pacific, will become “neutral” and there may be rainy conditions.

“The problem of drought is global, most cities lack this vital liquid. The rains have decreased, the last three years have not provided the expected rain, last year there was a deficit of 21 percent (of rain ).

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“We hope that with the conditions of the phenomenon of The boy When we go to neutral we can have normal conditions and rain can accumulate, however it is not an immediate process,” said Méndez Girón.

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