Has King Felipe VI asked Queen Letizia for a divorce after an infidelity scandal?

What really happens in Operetta? He king Philip VI of Spain is in a very difficult position, after an alleged affair was revealed that Queen Letizia she would have had with her former brother-in-law Jaime del Burgo, while she was already engaged to the monarch. And although we already know the story, now the rumor of a possible divorce between the kings resurfaces. Are they right?

The hermeticism of the Spanish royal family Given the controversy over accusations of infidelity to Queen Letizia, it is now the topic of interest for the international press. However, as a result of that, another rumor began to spread; that of divorce.

Previously, the journalist Pilar Eyre had analyzed the situation and stated that this scandal is only a new addition to marital crises that the kings have had during their 20 years as husband and wife. Despite this, she does not believe that it becomes an important reason to file for a divorce.

Although the claims of Jaime del Burgo would endanger any marriage, in the case of kings of Spain It won’t be like that. Royal experts firmly believe that internal interests are stronger than any controversy. Furthermore, the king would not be willing to harm the path of Princess Eleanor to become the future queen of the country.

Jaime’s wishes for everyone to “know the truth” will be of no use. Zarzuela’s silence is the best proof of this, they have not issued a single statement, despite the enormous siege that the controversy has caused.

Besides, the Queen Letizia and the king Philip VI They have been seen together at several events they have had in recent days. The responsibilities that is attributed to them as kings will be more powerful than any controversy, their love for their daughters and their commitment to the crown will not allow the accusations by Jaime del Burgo cause damage to your marriage that is strong enough to warrant a divorce.

In this way you can answer the intriguing question about whether King Philip of Spain will divorce yes or no; The answer is no, at least for now, we don’t know what will happen when the Infanta Sofia whether of legal age and the interests of the Queen Letizia change

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