He is the BTS member who is the new Michael Jackson of the era, according to renowned vocal coach

Korea’s famous vocal coach, Park Sun Joohas been forceful in a recent interview pointing out that in the group BTS there is a special member, who to this day has earned a good reputation and would even be compared to the legendary Michael Jacksonclaiming that much of his acting and musical talent is very similar to that of the late singer.

The member that the coach called as the Michael Jackson of the time is Jungkook, after stating that the singer’s solo album ‘GOLDEN’ is reminiscent of Michael evolved into the 21st century. From the member of bts He highlighted his exceptional vocal abilities and also his unstoppable staging, which has made him a global trend.

Furthermore, the comparison of the two artists is due to several reasons, firstly they both started their talent at a very young age, on the other hand, both Jungkook and Michael have created new musical creations and have been inspiration for thousands of artists, and as if that were not enough, he highlighted that the two managed to set new standards for performing art by combining genres and interpretation, and a continuous evolution.

It should be noted that Park Sun Joo has not been the only one who has given a comparison of the two, since on previous occasions both the fans like critics They highlighted that the KPop group’s vocalist was winning this honor thanks to his talent and dedication.

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