HYBE’s illegal marketing accusations spark controversy on social media

This last week has been quite unfortunate for HYBE Labelsand not only has he had to face the statements of Min Hee Jinwhich is already giving the company enough problems, but also the recent allegations of illegal marketing that South Korean media revealed from court records.

You can read more about this in the following article: BTS: Netizens demand that HYBE be investigated after a major scandal resurfaces.

With the boys of bts rendering his military service, the record agency led by Bang Si Hyuk is not having its best year, and fans of the popular band K-Pop They have already begun to doubt the innocence of the seal.

In the social networksthousands of Internet users have carried out large debates where they mainly discuss the possible guilt of HYBE, where a large part defends the record label, while others simply do not believe that all the accusations that are involving its CEO Bang, are more than mere coincidences, a great controversy!

“This is very embarrassing”, “the saddest thing of all is that Bang Si Hyuk has acted by hiding everything from the BTS boys”, “BTS’s success cannot be tainted in this way, tell me none of this is true ”, “this is crazy”, “I think the agency should issue an official statement at this point”, were some of the comments that showed the confusion and disappointment of some fans of the ARMY about all the accusations.

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