Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will not attend this year’s Met Gala

The new reports on Taylor Swift and his great love Travis Kelcehave fallen like a bucket of cold water for all Swifties (Taylor fans), and seeing both personalities debut at the Met Gala 2024 was a great illusion for many people around the world, but unfortunately it has been confirmed that both have rejected the invitation to the event.

According to the prestigious entertainment media TMZa source with direct knowledge has assured that both the Grammy winner and the music superstar NFL received their individual invitations to the big celebrity-filled gala, but neither of them have responded positively, which means we won’t see them on next May 6 in the luxurious and elegant night.

For Taylor’s part, we know that she has a quite acceptable reason for not attending and that is that the gala has coincided with a very important date for the performer, since May 6 The mother of the Swifties will return to the ring to continue her tour ‘The Eras Tour’ with a stop in Paris, France.

On the other hand, on Travis’s side, we can speculate that he has lost interest in going, because his girlfriend will not attend, something that in the end is also understandable, since despite his naturalness in front of the cameras, The athlete would not have much to do in an event of such magnitudewhich is mainly intended for celebrities, artists and superstars of the music and film industry.

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