Idol IU reveals that her next mini-album will have 5 or 6 songs

For a couple of hours, the renowned and experienced South Korean Idol UI has become a trend on social networks after he made an important announcement for his return to his artistic life, and he seems to be working on a little surprise for all his fans.

Since her debut, IU has won the hearts of all her fans for her incredible talent and charisma on stage, and it was not until a few months ago that the famous singer wanted to resume her artistic life and appeared in different videos collaborating with Kim Taehyung of btsand in some small concerts for her fans, but the biggest surprise was that recently the artist would be preparing a mini-album which will consist of five or six songs to announce her return.

Faced with the news, her millions of fans have been surprised and are waiting for at least the first month of next year to have this new album by the singer on their musical platforms, as many think that it is time for the long wait finally over.

How do you feel about this news?

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