Idol Jessi was the inspiration for ITZY’s Yeji to join JYP Entertainment

Since their incredible debut, the renowned South Korean group ITZY has become the center of attention in the KPop world, which after releasing his song «DALLA DALLA«The girls quickly won the hearts of many around the world.

The girl band members were recently invited to Showterview With Jessi, a program from Idol itself, where like all the episodes, this one was full of many revelations and fun. While the solo singer learned a little more about the girls, one of the directors added that ITZY’s Yeji’s career at JYP Entertainment was a little tied to the show’s host.

After what was revealed, Yeji He explained that in his audition for the company in 2015 he danced to Jessi’s song «SSENNUNI«, and although she did not pass the audition, this helped her take the first step to achieve her dream of being an Idol. As expected, the solo singer couldn’t wait to see the ITZY girl’s dance.

However, the singer did not stop trying until she achieved her goal, which made her Jessy She couldn’t hide her excitement and pride at being with someone who had taken her as inspiration for the beginning of her singing career.

With her long experience in the KPop market, it is normal that the soloist is one of the figures most followed by artists of the new generations. Likewise, fans appreciate the singer’s personality for making her programs fun, because thanks to This makes your guests feel comfortable and can reveal things like this that no one knew.

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