In this way V and Jimin from BTS changed the way the world looks at male friendship

BTS Idols, V and Jiminhave shown the entire world that a male friendship relationship can happen like any other, and that between the two of them there can be sweet gestures, hugs, complicity and it does not mean that they have a loving relationship.

The influence of bts in the world has made people be as open in their feelings, just as the members of the group are. Therefore, when V and Jimin want to demonstrate their friendship on stage or in a meeting, they do so without taking into account any type of taboo that exists in male friendship relationships.

At different times, the talented singers have been open to having physical contact without having qualms about what others may say, which is why they have been seen embrace each other, sing togetherand hold hands as they walk, transcending all social norms that have been wrongly created.

The ARMYsfans of the group, have always classified his gestures as a sign of his true confidence and personality, and for this reason they have applauded him for having so much courage and leave a positive mark on how the world views male relationshipstaking into account that society can see their gestures as something else.

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