Infanta Sofía turned 17 in style

The popular Infanta Sofiathe youngest daughter of the kings of Spain, Philip VI and Letizia, is turning 17 years old. The young woman from Madrid is currently studying high school in the United Kingdom, but that has not prevented her from being celebrated in her country on this important date.

The youngest daughter of kings of Spain is celebrating her 17th birthday in style, and it is very important to recognize the impact of the young woman, who has become one of the most emblematic figures of the royalty Spanish.

His notable stature, inherited from his father (and which surpasses that of the princess Eleanor), they continually make her stand out and many even dare to say that she stands out above her older sister.

Sofia of Bourbon The first of the two baccalaureate courses at the Welsh school will conclude in June, where Princess Leonor also studied the same academic year. And from there she will celebrate her 17th birthday, which will be the last she will celebrate as a minor.

The future of the Spanish monarchy will be dominated by women, and that is thanks to the roles that the Infanta Sofia and his sister, princess Eleanorwho will be the future queen of Spain.

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