Zendaya confesses that she is open to releasing new music ‘someday’

During a recent appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, the renowned actress Zendaya revealed she’s open to creating new music ‘someday’. The famous star of the series ‘Euphoria‘ said: “I love music and it has always been something special for me and my life.“However, during his experience he has shown that his priority has been acting in the artistic world.

Zendaya last released music in 2013, when she released the self-titled album, which remained at number 51 on the Billboard chart, but when Jennifer Hudson asked the artist about her musical career in the middle of the program, the actress added: “I think I could return to the music industry, but I don’t want anyone to get their hopes up.“.

At the same time, he also said: “You know something, my comeback could happen when the right time comes, because I like to make music for myself, but if that time comes, maybe I could get something“. This quickly raised the hopes of her fans as they heard who wanted to hear Zendaya’s new songs like ‘Replay‘, which was the most successful of his career.

In just moments seeing that her words had won the applause of the program’s viewers, the actress of ‘Dune‘ He made a quick clarification, where he asked everyone not to go crazy over his words and just wait to see if his return happens one day.

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