Netflix and its series that has been compared to ‘Breaking Bad’

The streaming platform Netflix It has a wide catalog of both foreign and Anglo-Saxon series, and thanks to its great variety they can satisfy a wide sector of the public. And now, a production has been highlighted that has been compared to the famous series ‘breaking Bad‘, thanks to its history and theme.

ozarks‘is the Netflix series that has been noted for its similarities with the legendary ‘Breaking Bad’. Its first season premiered in 2017, and the last one arrived on the platform in 2022.

In it, an approach similar to the famous production United States: A desperate father with a quiet life in a family with children, who is going to take a 180 degree turn due to the decisions he will make, and how the weight of circumstances falls on them.

Although fans and the media couldn’t help but find those similarities, ‘Ozark’ managed to blaze its own trail, even winning several awards. Emmy and get nominations for balloons Gold.

That is why since World Music We can’t help but recommend ‘Ozark’, which in itself has conquered various fans of ‘breaking Bad‘that you now see in this production of Netflix a dignified similarity and above all, quality.

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