Netflix and its new South Korean series that has a very unusual story within the K-Drama genre

The streaming service Netflix has released a new South Korean series which has immediately captured the attention of its users. However, one of the reasons why she is being talked about is thanks to her atypical story, which is now making her stand out among others. K-Dramas.

Goodbye, Earth‘ is he new Netflix K-Drama which has surprised fans with its unusual plot and story within its genre, as it tells how the population is at risk when an asteroid arrives on planet Earth.

It is based on the novel by Ktar Isaka and immerses us in a moment in which humanity is faced with a profound global crisis, after the POT will announce that an asteroid is approaching and will collide with the planet within 200 days.

However, the problem is that the area that is in greatest danger is the peninsula of Koreathus generating sudden and unprecedented chaos within the citizens.

“As a asteroid rushes towards the Land Without anything stopping her, a teacher will seek to keep her former students safe against all odds,” reads the official synopsis of Netflix.

‘Goodbye, Earth’ is without a doubt a K-Drama atypical for its genre, but that does not mean that its story is not worth it. On the contrary, it is a great recommendation for any fan of productions about natural disasters. Check your official trailer here:

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