Internet users respond to the comments of a North Korean media against BTS and BLACKPINK

A few hours ago, a new controversy has started in the world of KPop, with the boys of bts and BLACKPINKbecause an old report from a North Korean media criticizing these two famous groups has come to light, which has caused online communities to come to their defense.

Originally shared on the internet by the website Arirang Meari In 2021, the document stated that the Idols of these two groups did not have a full or happy life, but, on the contrary, they always lived miserable lives, comparing their situation almost like a slavery due to the difficult conditions imposed by the large companies that represented them in South Korea.

This information was found by a KPop fan and shared on the platform. TheQoo, which attracted multiple comments and thousands of views in a matter of minutes, where everyone reacted to the accusations with a mixture of criticism and ridicule towards this report. Many of the fans made fun of the fact that perhaps even though they are treated rudely, this is reflected in their bank accounts, since they get to collect a lot of money. Others, for their part, expressed their desire to become “slaves” just like BTS and BLACKPINK, to finally fulfill their dream of being Idols and working for this industry.

Many claim that these types of problems or negative comments only mean North Korea’s interest in the KPop industry and South Korean idols, since in music and special shows, the entire world acts as if North Korea would not exist.

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