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Despite the damage left by Hurricane Otis in Acapulco, A wave of anarchists have arrived in the tourist area of ​​Playa Bonfil to carry out his Anarchapulco Annual Convention 2024 where more than 500 people from various countries They will be there for a week to share their different ideas.

Other anarchists after participating in the convention They will remain for a month on this beach in the Diamante area of ​​Acapulco who have made their refuge and where They have shown solidarity with the community to support them in the reconstruction and where they have made donations.

The more than 500 anarchists coming from different parts of the world such as Canada, Holland, United States, Ecuador, Australia, England. among other countries, They are helping the economic reactivation of Playa Bonfil, considered the capital of surfing.

Through the airbnd platform, The Anarchapulco organizers have rented all the available hotel and home rooms in this small town.

At Bonfil Beach restaurants, hotels and commerce which is part of the commercial activity They have placed tarps with the Anarchapulco logo to welcome and identify the establishment where they can enter to consume with confidence.

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Lucia Alejandra Meza, manager of the Casablanca Bonfil hotel, said that her small guesthouse with 40 rooms is all occupied. with reservations made for a week, which lasts the Anarchapulco convention that begins tomorrow, Sunday, and also for a whole month.

He reported that The attendees who come to this convention really like Playa Bonfil because of the cleanliness, safetythe treatment that the people give him, and the natural environment that he has, in addition to that They come to support a lot in the economy that everyone needs right now.

Lucia said that the idea of ​​placing tarps welcoming to the anarchists in each of the restaurants, hotels and houses they rent, It is to thank you for not canceling your event after Hurricane Otis.

Your “secret” place

At Bonfil Beach, The anarchists rented the “Jardin Secreto” hotel exclusively to hold their convention. that despite having been destroyed by Hurricane Otis, worked at forced marches and even part of the organizers participated in the reconstruction.

More than 50 properties between hotels, villas and houses that are in Playa Bonfil They are occupied by anarchists attending the convention and others will stay for a month.

Lucia commented that Some convention attendees sometimes don’t even bring a return ticket. and they have stayed for up to a year at Playa Bonfil.

He said that this was the turn of one of the attendees who He came last year to the Anarchapulco convention and stayed at Bonfil Beach and was hit by Hurricane Otis.

The manager of the Casablanca Bonfil hotel said that During the Anarchapulco 2024 Convention they will have a welcome party, temazcal, coffee ritual, Yoga in various spaces that they have in hotels and houses that they have rented and have a garden.

“They They stay here, they don’t leave Playa Bonfil and I have people who are going to stay up to a month at the La Marinera hotel and the volunteers who are the ones who help check those who bought their ticket to enter the convention.”

Chopped with mushrooms, nopalitos and quesadillas

While talking with Lucía Alejandra that the arrival of the anarchists in Playa Bonfil is going to reactivate the economy, she In his small hotel patio he improvised a kitchen to sell them food.which he considered an extra entry.

His assistant prepares eight people who arrived at his improvised restaurant at consume chopped with mushrooms, nopalitos and quesadillas.

“We had nothing, We had to improvise, they came and told us they wanted to have breakfast and we had to take out everything we had in our refrigerator to be able to feed them, but there is an economic benefit”

Some of the anarchists, who They are vegetarians and vegans, they bring their own kitchen utensils to prepare their food, such as stainless steel frying pan, cooking griddles and also They ask that vegetable oil not be used.

They ask to be cooked with coconut or avocado oilthat the products are fresh don’t buy them in the supermarket and are purchased on the market.

Lucía has pleased them and Since they arrived to stay at their hotel, they go to the market every day to buy.

“They really like organic food.she (her assistant) is preparing mushroom sopes, nopal sopes, and They come to the kitchen because they want everything to be clean.they don’t like cooking with edible oil and you have to use coconut oil, avocado and “They don’t like things to be infected with chemicals.”

“The Crows” at Bonfil

At Bonfil Beach, The anarchists helped rehabilitate a bar with the social name “Los Cuervos”, in which they have made their recreation space where They come at night to mingle and drink beers.

“The man who rented him the bar His company is called Los Cuervos and he named it that way because they are watching how the cryptocurrency advances. If it goes up, if it goes down,” Lucía said.

Likewise, when they go to the restaurants located in Playa Bonfil, The product they consume the most is fish, octopus and shrimp.

So that the economy stays in the community, Lucia reported that A WhatsApp group has been created where tourism service providers have been integrated and there are even taxi drivers where they are available 24 hours a day with safe transportation.

Although he pointed out that If any of them leaves Bonfil to go to any part of Acapulco like La Quebrada, They use public taxis and have traveled in urvans.

Lucia said that in those moments In Playa Bonfil there is a fusion of several countries and languagesbecause many speak Spanish, English and French.

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During the stay that the anarchists will have in Playa Bonfil They have been asked to pay in cash and Mexican currency, because at this time it is very difficult to use cards debit, credit or dollars.

“There is a shortage of cash in Acapulco and that is why we ask you to pay in cash, although they bring their currency and their credit and debit cards from their country. CriptoMonedas we ask that they cannot pay us like this and sometimes they pay with PayPal,” he said.

Note published in The Sun of Acapulco

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