It is reported that Queen Letizia of Spain would be devastated after accusations of infidelity to Felipe VI

After all the controversy that the Spanish royalty is facing, several Spanish media claim that the Queen Letiziais the one who is suffering the most from the damage caused by the latest rumor about the infidelity what she committed against her husband, king Philip VIand it is not surprising, since this entire plot about her love life was revealed spontaneously by her former romantic partner, the businessman Jaime del Burgo.

The famous Spanish journalist, Pilar Eyrehas assured that the one who suffers the most from all this controversy is Queen Letizia, and said this in several interviews given to media such as CHV Newswhere she says that even the monarch has been disconcerted and displeased with her husband, King Felipe VI, where it is her daughters who try to comfort her every day, because she would be totally devastated after having been accused of something so serious for the environment. where it is located.

On the other hand, royal fans continue to constantly debate through social networks, stating that it is all about a revenge on the part of the businessman, his only objective being to denigrate the name of Queen Letizia. What do you think of all this? Tell us in the comments.

Below you can see the complete coverage of the matter:

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