She is Laury Saveedra, Anuel AA’s allegedly trans girlfriend

The interest in Laura Saveedraa young Venezuelan model has intensified since it was confirmed that she is dating the Puerto Rican rag picker Anuel AA. However, one of the reasons why she has attracted the most attention is because she is supposedly a women trans.

Anuel AA’s current environment can possibly be described with a single word; derision. That’s because? Everything or nothing you do becomes a topic of controversy in the networks socialas was introducing his new conquest last July 4 (yes, the same date as his birthday). Yailin the most viral)

As expected, interest in Laury Saveedra intensified, but it was not until a few weeks ago that the attention of the entire public He turned towards her. And it was not precisely because he just wanted to know who she was, but because numerous followers They started rumors that she is actually a trans woman.

Although perhaps in some of her features you can see a masculine aspect in her, the truth is that she is a women biologicalis a social media model and her account on instagram It is totally private.

He has been seen on several occasions with Anuel but apparently their relationship is not as open as the Puerto Rican is usually used to. Despite that, it is not necessary for her to be openly exposed in the Internetsince some of the accounts that follow her have already been spreading numerous Photographs of his person.

Until now, it is not known if Anuel AA He also intends to marry Laura Saveedra. For now, it seems that both are just enjoying each other’s company and could let time speak for itself, or if they simply decide to go their separate ways in the future.

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