The records that the girls of BABYMONSTER have broken since their debut

The girls of BABYMONSTER have achieved strong relevance in the world of K-Pop since they made their debut on November 27, 2023, and just one month later, the new group of YG Entertainment has managed to break one or another record with his debut single ‘Batter Up‘.

We must be honest about the recent entry of Ruka, Pharita, Handle, Rami, Rora and Little girl to the K-Pop industry, and they have entered quite strongly, which has made them not only gain followers with each passing day, but they have also managed to achieve several important milestones.

One of them is the incredible speed with which his music video for ‘Batter Up’ passed 100 million views on the multimedia content platform. Youtubeneeding only 18 days to achieve this incredible feat, we must also highlight that ‘Batter Up’ debuted at #1 on the «YouTube Daily Top Music Videos – GLOBAL» list and is the only debut song that has achieved it.

But this is not all, since they also caused a sensation on the most popular digital streaming platform currently, that’s right we are talking about Spotify, where the debut single became the fastest song by a K-pop group to reach 10 million streams, in just 10 days!, something totally incredible for a new band. Congratulations to the girls of BABYMONSTER!

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