IU reveals that BTS’s Suga was not the first member of the group she wanted to work with

The renowned singer UIwho this year collaborated with member suga of btshas revealed in one of the best shows of the year, the singer’s program called ‘Suchwita‘, that he was not the first member with whom she wanted to collaborate musically.

In this program, many KPop Idols and the same band BTS have talked with the singer about personal and professional matters that many were unaware of, however, he had not had the opportunity to chat with a person who was so sincere and without sounding rude. negatively, since it was evident that the two have a good friendship.

While the song that the two singers released, ‘eight‘, has been a hit worldwide, the artist IU revealed that she always thought about collaborate first with RMand that she even intended to ask Suga to send her her partner’s phone number, and although in the end she got it, as she stated in the program, she felt a little sorry and never made a call.

Instantly, the South Korean artist asked her what kind of music she had made and she replied that a song would really be due to the state of mental health she had at that time. Although nothing happened as she expected, the ARMYs They are happy that at least one topic exists between these two stars, and they hope that in the future some others can occur.

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