Meghan Markle and Prince Harry accused of being in need of attention in the United States

Meghan Markle and the prince harry They have been, without a doubt, the couple that has been mentioned the most lately in the UK newspapers, where they are not only called “the biggest losers in Hollywood”, just as they did The Sun in a recent edition, but they have also been classified as “profiteers” for using their charities to promote themselves.

Now, numerous American and British entertainment media accuse the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of being in need of attention in the media. USAwhere they mainly use their charities to carry out “non-profit” events, while receiving donations and promoting themselves in the multimedia content of said charitable actions.

According to Talk TVthe Sussexes continue not to be accepted by the Americans, and that a reconciliation of the brothers Harry and William is something that is still far from happening, but not because they hate each other, but because of the fact that the eldest son of the king Charles III He is still angry with Prince Harry for his anti-monarchy attitude, or at least that’s what the expert on royalty wanted to make clear. Tom Bower.

On the other hand, royal fans claim that it is Meghan Markle who is desperate to attract attention, directly involving Prince Harry, proof of this would be the «inappropriate» way of dressing Duchess of Sussex in the promotional video for being a good mother, where she appeared in a white dress with completely exposed shoulders, and which according to expert biographer Tom Bower, was not at all appropriate considering the purpose of said audiovisual material.

Here you can see the complete report in English, but you can automatically translate the subtitles into Spanish.

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