Jennifer Lopez does not leave baggy jeans in this change of season

Jennifer Lopez has been one of the celebrities who has been seen most publicly in recent months, where hundreds of New Yorkers have claimed to have seen her walking through the streets of the Big Apple of New Yorkwhich has given the media several opportunities to take the best photographs of the singer and actress.

Apparently, the singer is completing the purchase of a new property in New York City, since according to what she reported The New York Postshe has visited with her husband Ben Affleck several residencies, a far from easy task that the superstar has undoubtedly dedicated himself to carrying out in the most comfortable way possible.

With a quite well-known style lately, wearing some baggy jeans bell boot, the woman refuses to leave this comfortable and fresh fashionwithout caring much about the early transition of the spring-summer season.

Fashion lovers continue to marvel at the taste of JLowho recently stunned everyone who managed to witness her publicly, wearing a completely closed, neck-length navy blue top, a long coat of the same tone and her spectacular baggy jeans, the protagonist of ‘The Mother‘impressed with a style of class and elegance.

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