Jennifer Lopez reveals that her new album could be her last

For a few days now, the renowned American singer Jennifer Lopez has been a trend on social networks and media around the world after being just days away from her ninth and perhaps last studio album, news that has shocked and perhaps disappointed many of her fans who wanted more from the artist for several years. .

Although Jennifer Lopez today enjoys a lot of attention thanks to her recent work in Netflixwhat matters most to her audience is music, a topic that has left more than one unfinished, since the artist made a revelation that was not liked by many, indicating that this new album could be the last work American musical.

In a recent interview with the media E.T.Lopez said:

We did a lot of different album covers. We try to make things that are and feel special for all the fans, make collectibles for those who love them and things or reminders that they can have and always carry with them.

I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever make another album after this. This could be the kind of project that an artist can say goodbye to, and I feel fulfilled by what I’ll actually be doing.

As this may be Jennifer Lopez’s last work, fans hope that if this is true, the artist will continue to be linked to the musical life, perhaps doing calmer shows, working as producer or as composerso that he does not leave the legacy that has given him so much in his career.

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