Jin would be directing Jimin and Jungkook in their basic training in military service

Enlistment in military service for the members of bts, the famous kpop group, will be fulfilled in its entirety during this month of December, since the last four members who are still with their normal lives will enter the army in the coming days. But now it has been announced that Jin, the oldest member, could direct two of the last members of the group.

According to what was reported by several South Korean media, Jungkook and Jimin They could be receiving their basic military training under the guidance of assistant instructor, Kim Seok Jin, his groupmate in BTS. amazing, right?

The portal Daum exclusively shared that Jin is currently carrying out his duties in the military as an assistant instructor for new recruits entering military service, at the New Recruit Training Center in Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi Province, headquarters of the 5th Division of Infantry of the Army of the Republic of korea South.

Meanwhile, it is detailed that it is possible that he receives Jimin and the Golden Maknaesince both Idols would have been assigned to the base of Yeoncheon-gun for their initial training that will last 6 weeks and after which, they will receive official assignments in other divisions.

Jin He was the first member of bts to enlist in the army; he did so in November of last year, so he already has more than half of his military service completed.

Jin in the mandatory military service that prevails in South Korea.

But now, it seems that he will have to serve as director and guide of his teammates. Jimin and Jungkookthis being a very pleasant surprise for the entire ARMY, since the three of them will be able to stay together for around a month and a half.

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