The NewJeans have the best kpop album of the year according to Rolling Stone

kpop girl group NewJeans continues to break records and obtain numerous recognitions just with his first EPs, the last of which has now received an incredible praise by one of the most important music magazines in the world.

The renowned American magazine Rolling Stone has issued notable praise for NewJeans, as has named his second EP ‘Get Up’ as the best kpop album of the year 2023.

He debut group of girls released their second EP in July 2023. Hanni, Haerin, Minji, Hyein and Danielle mixed their talents in dancing and singing to highlight 6 short songs, inclined to focus on the social networks and the way in which these could be viralized.

Rolling Stone has placed ‘Get Up’ at number 33 on the 100 best albums of 2023. According to commentators of the magazine, songs like New Jeans’ ‘Super Shy’ and ‘ASAP’ are “challenge-futuristic style”, which is supported by the sounds of R&B and takes advantage of themes from eras of the 2000s.

This important distinction marks the beginning of new challenges for NewJeanswho have barely started and are already part of the current essence of kpop worldwide.

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