Josh Hutcherson reveals he was bullied for his role in The Hunger Games

Josh Hutcherson He is one of those actors that, although we do not see very often in large productions, we can recognize him at first glance, and this is because he once played a character that left an impact on the industry, as happened with his role in Los Juegos del Hunger playing Peeta Mellark.

And it was because of that same fact that the actor revealed that he even regretted having signed to give life to that character in the iconic saga of survival and fiction films. The actor wanted to be clear, and he said that his repentance It was not due to any problem with the cast or the recording sets, he even claimed to feel quite identified with Peeta Mellark, the real one. inconvenience It actually came from the sick fans.

That’s right, it’s no secret to anyone that, in its time, The Hunger Games caused a sensation, being one of the most viewed films when it premiered, which made the franchise amass millions of fans for its sensational plot, but according to Josh revealed to NY Daily Newsthere were people who harassed him at his residence.

«There were situations where people would park outside your house, waiting for you to do something, wait for you to go out, and then they would follow you literally everywhere, even when you came home, it was crazy. I wouldn’t have signed for this if I knew they would take away my freedom as an American.«, confessed Hutcherson on the harassment he suffered for participating in the Hunger Games saga.

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