The best memes that marked 2023: from my first job to “la queso” – El Sol de México

The end of 2023 is getting closer, it has been a very long year and one full of viral memes. For this reason, here we are going to give you a compilation of the most memorable of the year, from “La queso” to Kevin James.

2023 began and the memes immediately started, immediately highlighting “La queso”, a meme that has its origins in the soap opera “Invincible Love“, where the character of Kika tells Leona: “That’s who I am, and I’m the cheese, and I’m the one who endures.”

Shakira She was one of the great protagonists of 2023, after her separation with the controversial former soccer player Gerard Piquébecause he had an infidelity with Clara Chia. As a result of this situation, the Colombian singer released her hit “Cambiaste un Rolex por un Casio”, showing that she was more of a piece than the Spaniard’s new girlfriend.

Another meme that became a success was the one starring the image of Kevin James, the image of the actor used was taken from his participation in the series ‘King of Queens’. This image was taken out of context among Mexican Internet users, using the image for everyday situations.

Another meme that framed this 2023 were the videos of Mike O’Hearn, American bodybuilders, model and actor who went viral due to the funny contexts given to their videos.

On Of course it became a meme and got out of control.

On Instagram, a video of an old lady dancing to medieval music while revealing a situation, whether complicated or comfortable, became quite popular.

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Possibly the most popular meme of 2023 goes to “My first job”, it went viral on all social networks, even reaching other Latin American countries. This trend showed work errors of many workers, with the song in the background, which was created with artificial intelligence, using the rapper’s voice. Eladio Carrión.

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