This is what Mickey Mouse and his friends would look like if they were humans according to AI

Mickey Mouse He is undoubtedly one of the most iconic characters in disneyand also the most famous cartoon in the entire world, so much so that we dare to say that today, there is no one who does not recognize him when seeing his image, he was definitely a figure that marked us all from our childhood, and now, a powerful AI has recreated the animated character and his friends as if they were humans, and the results are spectacular.

Starting with the protagonist, Mickey Mouse, we can see how the AI ​​related him a little to his creator Walt Disney, who always wore an iconic mustache. The next one, and it is undoubtedly the most surprising, PlutoMickey’s dog, which the artificial intelligence illustrated as a handsome blonde man, but with a canine shirt, this to show who he really is.

The mouse’s bride Minnie, who looks very beautiful with her peculiar red bow with white dots in her hair. He Donald Duckanother surreal interpretation of the cartoon with the world’s strangest voice of Mickey Mouse, who looks just as handsome as everyone else.

And finally, daisyDonald’s partner, whom the AI ​​captured as a blonde woman with characteristics that resemble her animated version, and of course, the lilac bow in her hair could not be missing.

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