Josh O’Connor from ‘Challengers’ says he wants to play a dark version of ‘Willy Wonka’

The actor Josh O’Connor He is gaining popularity for his recent role in the movie ‘Challengers‘, where he was part of the main cast alongside Zendaya. He is also gaining respect as one of the most talented actors of the moment thanks to his participation in ‘The Crown’ playing the then Prince Charles of Wales (current King Charles III), a role for which he won an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe and a Television Critics Award.

The great works of the ‘Challengers’ actor could make those in charge of the famous film of the character ‘Willy Wonka‘ are interested in him, after he stated in an interview with WSJ magazine, who longed to make a dark version of the main character ofCharlie and the Chocolate Factory‘.

I would love to play Willy Wonka, but a much darker version of him. “It’s just that these kids win a chocolate factory tour contest and apparently they all disappear, so, I mean, it’s kind of dark and crazy,” the star said in the interview.

The fact could make this film come true and with it have the talent of Josh O’Connor in a new production of the adapted novel of the same name by Roald Dahl.

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