Netizens Demand HYBE Be Investigated After Major Scandal Resurfaces

Recently, a legal scandal has resurfaced that has revived the concerns of the entire ARMY and followers of btsand many of these require that the company HYBE under investigation after major scandal resurfaces associated with the male group’s illegal marketing practices.

In 2017, the Seoul Court discovered some evidence about illegal marketing and during this case a person who is known as the Mrs, threatened to publicly share these practices unless I paid him. With this he managed to extort and obtain approximately $41,400 through threats from him.

The court noted that these behaviors of Mr. A were a pretext to describe him as a criminal, which led him to receive a sentence of one year in prison, validating the accusations of illegal marketing against HYBE. The court’s findings have Korean netizens currently debating the integrity of marketing practices within the music industry, primarily whether they are BIGHIT MUSIC or HYBE.

This topic from the past has once again caused a scandal in massive forums such as TheQoowhere a publication about this case obtained more than thirty thousand visits and hundreds of comments from Internet users asking that BTS, their company and other important Idols be better investigated along with their agencies, since in the past they began to question the legality of your marketing tactics.

The judge ruled that it was data manipulation, I hope nothing happens now that I try to change this decision“, “They should not investigate BTS and mainly HYBE, since in the first months of this year there were suspicions about everyone“, “The manipulation seems to be certified by the same nation“, “I think everyone should be punished in the same way, maybe they don’t have a conscience.” These were some of the comments from Internet users.

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