Meghan Markle will not accompany Prince Harry on his trip to the United Kingdom

Yesterday it was confirmed that the prince harry He will travel to the United Kingdom on May 8. However, the name of Meghan Markle did not appear in the statement, suggesting that she will not accompany her husband to the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games, despite the fact that there were rumors that the couple was going to attend the country to visit the king Charles III and hold a meeting with the royal family.

Unofficially: dukes of sussex They will not take a family trip to England as planned. It will be Harry who sets foot on British soil on May 8, the day the Invictus Games They will celebrate 10 years of inauguration.

There is no certainty about whether the duke of sussex He will have a meeting with his father. However, this possibility still has shape and body, since on February 6, Harry held a meeting with the Head of state.

King Charles III would have “left the door open” to meet in person with the Duke of Sussex, ‘The Mirror’ previously stated. However, it would be a meeting only for the prince, since in the hypothetical case that he finally was Meghan MarkleI wouldn’t be invited.

Despite that possibility, it is also unlikely that the prince harry meet with him prince william and Kate Middletonand he will surely stay in a hotel, as he has done on other occasions when he has been in the United Kingdom.

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