Jungkook and Jisoo surpassed BTS and BLACKPINK by becoming the pillars of their companies during 2023

Several hours ago the world of the KPop genre received a big surprise, and that is that the renowned Idols Jungkook from BTS and Jisoo from BLACKPINK have become a trend thanks to one of their singles, as they have become the most reproduced among the artists who are represented by the four big agencies.

HYBE, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment are the four major agencies within the KPop genre, which are in charge of choosing, polishing and promoting their artists, who sometimes reach the peak of fame with their respective groups or songs. alone as recently happened with Jungkook, because his song ‘seven‘ reached 1.241 billion views, as well as with Jisoo, since her song ‘flower‘ reached 350 million views on Spotify.

Without a doubt, these individual numbers have made both renowned artists become the main pillars of its agencies in 2023, since their numbers are above several of the well-known groups that are represented by large companies.

Given this, the BLINKS and the ARMY are happy that their favorite singers represent the KPop genre in such a way, as their move to the international level, new great projects.

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