The adorable surprise that V from BTS gave his fans during his birthday

The member V of BTS, who just turned 28 this December 30, has always been clear that his relationship with his fans or his ARMYs It’s about giving them the most love and surprising them as many times as possible.

The South Korean singer, who is currently serving in the military in Koreadid not waste the opportunity of his birthday and before leaving to fulfill his obligation, he left a pre-recorded video that was published a few hours ago and with which he surprised his followers.

In this special video you can see the singer also known as Kim Taehyung while he is walking, apparently through the streets of London, dressing very warmly and giving an expression that caused tenderness and laughter. In the middle of the video he says: ‘Hello, today I am celebrating my birthday‘ and later he laughs looking at the camera, creating a moment of great excitement for those who wanted to see him.

The video quickly had thousands of reactions and has now become one of the most viral through the page ‘X’ formerly known as Twitter. Clearly, her fans had nothing but words of congratulations and good wishes for her big day.

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