JYP Entertainment announces debut of new boy group ‘NEXZ’

JYP Entertainment is one of the record companies that is positioned among the most popular in the K-Pop music industry, and it not only has several groups that have managed to stand out with their sensational projects, such as Stray Kids, TWICE either ITZYbut is also considered a pioneer in the world of entertainment in South Korea.

And if you are a lover of good K-Pop, you should know that this record label has announced the debut of a new male group called ‘NEXZ‘, which will be presented to the world next May 20less than a month away!

The band is of Japanese origin and is made up of seven talented and charismatic rookies, Tomoya (Leader), Yu, haru, Ken, seita, Yuhi and Yuki (Maknae), and while his long-awaited debut arrives, we have a video published by the official JYP accounts, where we can see a little more of what is coming in the next month.

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