The ARMY who was told by V from BTS to ‘work’ at HYBE because of his talent

On some occasions the member V of btsfell totally in love when he saw the talent of an ARMY, who made some very emotional and symbolic drawings about the boy band, and to whom he told that workfor HYBE company.

A cartoon series that made a ARMYwhich included the members of BTS in the past and present, were very pleasing to the singer, as it was an album that reflected the last 7 years of the 7 members, who little by little have been able to overcome adversity to reach where they are today.

Jin on the left and Suga on the right

The animated images show each of them already adults and a little younger, highlighting what they had to do when they were starting their career. First of all, Jin, who was learning to navigate for the first time in Seoul at bus stops. Then there was sugain which the adult looked at the little boy, who was exhausted from working part-time. RM He looked with pride at his past, busy studying the career he might have in his future.

RM on the left and Jimin on the right

J-Hopethe adult, watched the little one as he was busy practicing dance moves after school. Jimin I observed his youth when he sweated blood and tears in order to learn a choreography. Vwho looked at himself as a child as he decided to pursue his career in music just after being given a saxophone as a gift, and finally Jungkookwho was preparing to audition for the first time.

J-Hope on the left and V on the right

Thanks to the talent that this fan showed, V from BTS expressed to him: ‘My heart feels happy, come work at our companyplease‘, being a fact that once again demonstrated the humility of the artist and the love he has for his audience.

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