Kate Middleton and Prince William’s reputations take a nosedive as they are described as ‘lazy’

The princess Kate Middleton and the prince william Apparently they have not been forceful with their actions and international media and Internet users are commenting on the ‘lazy attitude’ they are having and that has caused a drop in their popularity as the future monarchs of the United Kingdom.

According to several royal commentators and experts on the subject, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s reputation for laziness will take a long time to remedy, and this is mostly due to the number of real commitments that they had throughout this year and that shows that they are not doing as much as one would think

As commented by Gareth Russell According to GB News, Prince and Princess Kate Middleton only carried out 172 and 123 royal engagements respectively throughout 2023, while less named members, such as, for example, Princess Anne, which made some 457 departures in the year.

And while this is bad, for the royal expert it is also partly a good thing, since it is seen that he is the son of the Princess Diana, who put aside many things to prioritize his family, something that has been happening since the princes have their 3 children and must take care of them.

What other people think is that the balance between family and work could be ‘dangerous’ for the reputation that Prince William and Kate Middleton are going to have the day they arrive at the British Crown.

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