Kate Middleton breaks with important tradition amid her fight against cancer

The illness of the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton continues to generate enormous concern within the followers of the British royal family. Despite that, and the wishes for privacy that the princess herself requested in the midst of this difficult moment, she has decided break with an important tradition of the monarchy, demonstrating in turn the enormous gratitude he feels for all the messages of support he has received.

The Wale’s princess has broken with a tradition of the British crown in the midst of its fight against the cancerresponding to the messages of support he has received from thousands of people as a result of his illness.

This action is not at all common within the royal family, but Kate has decided to differentiate herself from what was previously customary, thus choosing to respond to the signs of support that the public has been giving in this difficult time.

Thank you for your positive wishes to Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales. The beautiful gesture of her much appreciated“says the card on the letterhead of Kensington Palace, where the royal office is located. princes of Wales

That is how Kate Middleton He has conveyed his words to all the people who have been following his recovery. Previously, no member of the crown responded to these gestures, but the Wale’s princess has decided to do just the opposite.

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