ATEEZ’s Coachella concert broadcast had a problem that offended their fans

The KPop group ATEEZ made history after attending and performing as the first group of this genre to perform at the event Coachella 2024. Although the fans who were at the event were completely happy with the Idols’ performance, the same did not happen with those who attended virtually, as they affirm that the broadcast of the concert the group at the event had a problem that offended them, clarifying that it had nothing to do with them directly.

The group gave all their talent and passion so that their followers could enjoy everything, however, those in charge of transmitting that virtually They had many errors that greatly offended the virtual assistants. According to the same fans, the cameras were too close to the ATEEZ singers, which did not allow them to fully see the dances, while, on the other hand, the shots looked too uncomfortable, adding to this that the lighting was never the right one. better.

These events occurred during the entire broadcast of the Idols’ presentation through the TV channel. Youtube of Coachellaa fact that did not allow the entire world to enjoy the event properly, and also miss out on some parts that were completely omitted for no reason.

Fans have shown how offended they are with the event through social networks, admitting that it was the worst broadcast they have ever made.

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