Kate Middleton reveals how she fights cancer beyond chemotherapy

Kate Middleton has stated that she has another option to fight cancerwhich was diagnosed a few months ago, beyond chemotherapy treatments to which he has undergone to treat the disease.

The Princess of Wales shared through a video and with great strength that she was suffering from cancer, leaving her followers sad. However, she showed that she has an optimism to admire despite the unexpected turn her life has taken.

As Princess Kate Middleton commented in the last video where she revealed her cancer diagnosis: ‘I am doing well and I am getting stronger every day by focusing on things that will help me heal my mind, body and spirit.‘, and although her strength comes from her mentality, she has also been able to achieve thanks to the fact that she is a woman who has a faith deeply rooted in their religious beliefswhich have helped him to have tenacity throughout his life and to fight against the disease now.

A devout Christian, the Duchess finds some solace in her religious beliefs, and her decision to undergo confirmation before her marriage to prince william It gives a glimpse of the meaning that the spiritual theme has in your life.

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