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John Gabriel will have his own museum, thanks to the fact that the “Divo” of Juárez became an emblematic figure of Mexican culture. After his success, Alberto Aguilera, real name of JuanGa, will have a venue to honor his legacy.

To know the Juan Gabriel museum You won’t have to wait long, then, according to his official websiteThe enclosure will open its doors to the public this 2024. So if you are a fan, you can’t miss it.

This museum is ideal for lovers of Juan Gabriel’s music, as it will be interactiveso you can immerse yourself in the musical universe of “Divo” and learn the details of his personal life, creative process and other curiosities, but immersive way.

What will the Juan Gabriel museum be like?

Because the museum will be established in one of its housesthe experience will be more complete, since each corner of the venue will have its own essencewhich he captured in each of the decorations that he chose to represent his personality.

Upon entering the place you will know from its Personal life, as their creative process but in an interactive and modern way, since the tour will be accompanied by a mobile application that will bring added additional and complementary content.

In addition, you will be able to know the private gardens, considered the best in the region. Just as a restaurantcalled Noa Noawhich will offer typical food from the region.

Where will the Juan Gabriel museum be?

He Juan Gabriel museum will be located in your home of Juarez City, specifically on the street Colombia 157from Colonia Partido Romero, Chihuahua.

AND, will open its doors to the public in August 2024on the eighth death anniversary of the “Divo” of Juárez.

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