Kate Middleton’s cancer changed her relationship with Prince William, says the princess’s biographer

Robert Jobsonofficial biographer of the Princess of Wales Kate Middletonhas revealed the way in which the future monarch’s cancer has completely changed her bond with the the prince william, who has been in charge of his wife and, in turn, of his royal duties as Prince of Wales and future king of the nation. Jobson says that marriage is totally different right now than it was a year ago.

As a result of the difficult situation experienced by princes of walestheir marriage has now become “an unbreakable bond“said Robert Jobson, the princess’s official biographer.

It is no secret to anyone that the difficult moment Kate is experiencing is undoubtedly the most important challenge of her life. And because of that, william has been aware of her, of his three children, and of his institutional duties.

There are no words to describe the enormous pressure the person could be feeling. Prince of Wales In these moments, who has shown his face alongside the queen camilla in the midst of the turbulent moment that the monarchy is experiencing as a result of Kate’s cancer and that of king charles III.

Jobson assured in ‘Hello’ magazine that all these months only have served to consolidate the marriage of the princes of Welshwho would have made a promise to beat cancer together and as a family.

“The ups and downs that the Princes of Wales have overcome as a married couple have consolidated their bond, which Now it is without a doubt unbreakable and has only gotten stronger in the midst of this difficult time. “They are taking this difficult stage as the greatest challenge of their lives,” he stated.

Since Kate Middleton She made the diagnosis of her cancer public through a video published by Kensington Palace, nothing has been heard from her since. For her part, he prince william He has fulfilled some duties on his royal agenda, however, he has not yet fully resumed his work, as he is taking care of his wife and three children.

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