ZEROBASEONE announces dates and venues for ‘2024 ZEROBASEONE THE FIRST TOUR’

The KPop group, ZEROBASEONEhas finally announced the places and dates in which he will present his first musical tour called ‘2024 ZEROBASEONE THE FIRST TOUR‘, the first tour of the group that so far promises a lot and has excited their fans.

The happiest are those who live where the group will present their shows, such as Seoulwhere they will be from September 20 to 22, then Singapore on September 26, bangkok on October 5, Manila on October 12, Jakarta on October 26, Macau on November 2 and 3, Aichi from November 29 to December 1 and finally Kanagawa on December 4 and 5, highlighting that all of this year .

The musical group ZEROBASEONE is made up of 9 members (6 Koreans, 2 Chinese and 1 Canadian) and has among its best-known songs ‘New Kidz on the Block‘, ‘Take My Hand’, ‘Our Season’, among others.

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