King Charles III completely ignores Prince Harry in his 2023 Christmas speech

He king Charles III, highest monarch of United Kingdom, has given a Christmas speech that many people were waiting for. With a very inspirational tone, the king expressed the gratitude that many people have for making this year unforgettable, while inspiring people to be grateful and live in a better world full of peace.

Although it is known that the king has had an estranged relationship with his son for some time, the prince harrydue to the controversial publications he made in his memoir ‘Spare’ and in his Netflix documentary ‘Harry & Meghan’, many people expected that the entire family, including him, would be named in the speech, however, there are I have to say that he was totally forgotten.

King Carlos III gave thanks because on these dates many people can meet through special dinners and this allows many generations to gather around a table to share, he also expressed that the Christmas It is extremely special to remember those people who are no longer in this earthly world, and also thought of those whose job it is to care for others.

He also mentioned that he hopes this world is full of peace referring to the disputes that several countries are having, but the really curious thing is that despite talking about love and unionat no time did he mention his youngest son or wish him a happy holiday, just as he did with the rest of his family, possibly in private.

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