Queen Letizia of Spain tries to save her image in the most curious way possible

Currently, the Queen Letizia of Spain is going through a controversial moment, and that is Jaime Burgobrother-in-law of the queen, wrote again on the social network king Philip VIbecause according to him, both had a small and secret romance between 2002 and 2004.

This great scandal, which started with a simple rumor hypotheticalwent around the world in a matter of hours, causing many of the Spanish media to draw their own conclusions, but on the part of the Spanish royal face and Queen Letizia herself, they have not yet responded to the attempt to repair or save the image. of the queen consort, however, Letizia has already started to move her chips and she did it in the best way she knows how.

During these Christmas holidays and in the midst of controversy, the queen has reappeared on national television in her country showing her most natural and spontaneous version. She did it through the foundation Foamas she was one of the special guests invited by Movistar Plus to attend said meeting, with the objective of promoting and promoting culture among the most socially disadvantaged people.

Taking advantage of this, Queen Letizia has resorted to one of her strengths, and that was to show her behavior more fun and affectionate in this very complicated moment for her, something that we are already accustomed to, because in each of her worst moments, Letizia always shows her best face and this time will not be the exception, since with that same one, she will clear her name as he usually does.

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