Queen Letizia’s former lover reveals new details of her romance with the monarch while she was engaged to King Felipe VI

Jaime Burgthe main person responsible for the infidelity scandal of the Queen Letizia to him king philip SAWhas revealed new details of his romance with the former journalist while she was already engaged to the Spanish monarch, a controversy that has quickly spread around the world.

The silence of the press Spanish? prove that Spain “It is a sultanate,” launches the former brother-in-law of Queen Letizia in these new statements, after having disclosed with the help of the book Jaime Penafiel the dark past of the current head of state.

Del Burgo has implied that he should not have felt afraid of expose your romance with Letiziaexplaining new details of their love affair and confessing that the queen had even thought about giving up her principality of Asturias to escape with him.

«Resignation of Letizia as Princess of Asturias, the divorce of Felipe and the establishment as a couple in New york“What we had planned.” Label From Burgo to the Royal House and Pedro Sánchez on the platform Twitter.

«It was a complete mistake to delete my posts. That’s why today I wanted to recover the most important ones. The silence of the Spanish press? It proves that Spain is a sultanate. But when you think about it and seeing the real readers (not robots), and I understand something about this after twelve years, one wonders: What press“,” explained the businessman.

Dale Burgo also assured that the media in his country have tried to hide Queen Letizia’s scandal, arguing that her profession as journalist would be helping her to hide the rumors or at least to make the main newspapers in Spain They are not giving it coverage as has been done internationally.

«A paid article from ‘El País’ is read by 3 cats, 4 cats, 5 cats. The businessman describes, “After those two years of relationship… a mere photo with a pashmina of mine that I gave away… Paris Match He gave me until 8 pm on Saturday to answer their questions, says Jaime in his new statements, “in a cocky, defiant tone, I told them that that email of theirs here would be seen by millions of people. His magazine, how many?

These have been the new details that Jaime Del Burgo has revealed about his alleged affair with queen Letiziaa scandal that has had enormous global coverage, despite the fact that in Spain the main newspapers have remained anonymous.

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