US warns migrants about consequences for crossing the border illegally – El Sol de México

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of the United States insists to migrants that if they enter illegally there will be immediate consequences for them.

He migratory flow continues to increase between Ciudad Juárez and El Paso, Texasas well as on other borders.

Hence DHS daily through their official pages and social networks reported the following:

“There is consequences for migrants entering the United States illegally or cross the border between ports of entry”.

You may be returned to your country of origin if it is quickly determined that you do not meet the requirements for asylum.”

Although This warning has appeared daily For three consecutive days, hundreds of Central Americans and south americans They continue to cross illegally.

The Border Patrol El Paso Sectorhas also communicated that people who surrender under the Border Safety Initiative Marker (BSI 36) may lose asylum or protection benefits from the United States.

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DHS insists that migrants must use legal channels that have been made available for people in mobility situations to enter through legal ports of entry and not through the BSI, since they are not legal entry doors.

Note published in The Herald of Juárez

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