King Charles III is more than excited and happy to return to work according to body language experts

There is no doubt that the king Charles III He has been quite exhausted after undergoing the cancer treatments that the Buckingham Palace I announced previously, however, recently the monarch showed that he is more than ready to return to his royal duties, he has seemed much more cheerful!

After a long time out of the public eye and any public appearance due to his fight against unspecified cancer, King Charles III surprised all his fans after his motivated visit to the Macmillan Cancer Center from University College Hospital on April 30, where he could be seen with his wife the Queen Camilla Parkerchat with fans and medical facility staff.

The body language expert Judy Jamesshared his point of view with the Daily Mailwhere he explained how excited and happy the monarch felt throughout the event, at first, James noted that Carlos has an unconditional love for attracting attention, “King Charles kept his arms outstretched when he arrived at the venue, this suggests that he loves being the center of attention, he even likes to show off a little, he was seen joking with the crowd and always kept a smile from ear to ear, which suggests who is extremely happy and excited to get back to work again“.

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